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City businessman caught enjoying ‘goodies’ of his wife’s sister in lodging

A city businessman was on Saturday night caught stuck with his sister-in-law in a Nairobi restaurant.

The two, who were said to be love birds for more than 10 years, their hell broke loose after screams emanated from the eight storey building along Waiyaki way in Nairobi.

According to eyewitnesses, they said that the two had entered into the restaurant at around midnight where they set base at the VIP bar.

They said that since revelers in the restaurant knew the tycoon’s wife, the tycoon splashed them with some sort of expensive Whiskey bottles as a way of compromise.

“Waitresses here were given ‘tips’ to keep mum while we drunk to our knees.” He said.

In the wee hours of the night, the two love birds had already booked and eloped in one of the resting rooms in the building.

“We heard screams coming from far. We did not know whether it was in this building. One of the waitresses came from upstairs to tell us there were weird incident in the building.” One of revelers said.

He added that they ganged up with the security personnel and went to the suspecting room. He added that they only found the tycoon stuck with woman who happened to be her sister in law.

“The two were absent minded but they were screaming and mummered in a way we could not understand what they were saying.” A witness said.

One of the waitresses who was a friend to the tycoons wife, gave her a phone call where she immediately came to the scene.

On her arrival, she was said to have entered into the room and sat beside her husband for ten minutes before she uttered a word.

“She sat next to her husband. She did not talk but she kept looking at him” the waitress said adding that her wife was a senior government official and she did not want controversies.

“She uttered a word and the two were at ease and separated.” She said adding that the tycoons wife had visited a witchdoctor who locked their marriage to install faithfulness.

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