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Cobra snake protects bodaboda man caught stuck with his friend’s

Business in Nakuru town came to a standstill after a Bodaboda man was caught stuck with his friend’s wife while having an illicit sex affair.
The two love birds transformed a daylight fun into pain as they screamed for help after failing to extricate themselves from the embarrassing situation.
Neighbours acting on hearing the screams rushed to the Nduthi guy house where the two were.

According to an eyewitness, they broke the Bodaboda man house which was locked from inside only to find the two stuck.
“The two had covered themselves in white bedsheets while on bed. They were screaming asking to be de-touched.” he said.
He added that when he and the crowd which had come to their aid tried to separate the two, a cobra snake appeared on the bed.
“When we touched the covers a big snake appeared on the bed scaring us away as we scampered out of the room for safety.” He said.
In the video, a crowd is milled around the room to witness the drama where the two love birds were exchanging fluids.
The husband of the lady, who his wife was caught in the act with the bodaboda man confessed to seeking witchdoctor’s intervention after suspecting her wife was engaging flings with other men.
He said that the snake appeared to scare the neighbours who wanted to de-touch the two.
“I wanted see my wife with another man for myself.” He said adding that he had warned his wife several times but she gave a deaf ear.
It is reported that the two were separated after husband of the lady arrived with his witchdoctor, Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba.

Here is the full video of the whole dramatic incidence.
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/q72zM0wXHug

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