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Eldoret Chief goes mad after conning a bar woman.

A Eldoret Chief on Sunday morning went mad after a bribe he had obtained from a bar woman to curb her from the long arm of law flopped.
The chief who was said to have served his area for more than ten years was branded as the ‘Kingpin’ of saving law breakers.
According to a Eldoret resident, the Chief has been colluding with business owners of his area by asking for bribes.
The bar woman, by the name Chebet was said to have bribed the Chief with Sh. 20,000 for her business to be running from 10 am until the next day.
“Obviously, unless it is a restaurant you cannot run a bar for more than twelve hours.” a resident who is a reveler at Ms. Chebet’s bar said.
He added that it was not the first time the Chief had been pocketed by Ms. Chebet. He affirmed that the Chief used to squander all the chums without giving his seniors a penny.
“Last night Ms. Chebet’s bar was closed and it was on a Saturday. Later in the night I heard from my friend’s that the bar had been locked by senior authorities because Ms. Chebet did not give them ‘Kitu Kidogo’,” He said.
But for Ms. Chebet was a twist because her sister said that she had been sending the Chief to his seniors but he never delivered.
Ms. Chebet’s sister was heard saying that Ms. Chebet had told her that the Chief will not again play with someone else’s money.
Ms. Chebet had soughted services of Dr. Ndumba wa Ndumba for her business.

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