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Kajiado man caught ‘eating’ his cousin

A Kajiado man broke news to his family after he was caught red handed sleeping with his cousin in their home.
Leikun, aged 32-years old, is said to be sleeping with his cousin in the last five years.
According to Leikun’s friend, he said that Leikun had before told him that despite him being a father of two he runs crazy when he sees his cousin and wants to have sex with her.
He said the two, Leikun and his cousin called Mary started making out when Mary went to Leikun’s home to stay with them for a few days.
“I have an addiction towards Mary. I also know it is wrong sleeping with my cousin,” Leikun told his friend.
He cited that things took a U-turn on Sunday morning after the two got stuck while making out.
Leikun’s friend called Ole Mpaa said that he was with him when they were left home with Mary. He said that when Mary had finished taking shower Leikun went to her bedroom.
“It started out when they were left home alone with Mary. He said Mary had just taken shower and was in the bedroom. I followed Leikun to the room where I saw Mary standing naked. I returned to the sitting room”
Ole Mpaa said that he knew that Mary could not react for her cousin who had caught her naked and she did not cover herself when she saw Leikun.
During that time, Leikun’s parents and his wife had gone to Nairobi to get food stuff and buy clothes for the festive season.

Little did Leikun know that his wife had known that Leikun had an affair with Mary and resorted to seeking advice from Juju man.
According to Ole Mpaa, the two while in the act, they reached a point where they could not de-touch themselves prompting them to scream for help.
“I was seated outside in their compound when I heard screams from Leikun’s house. When I entered the house I found the two entangled. Leikun could not talk, Mary was just murmuring.” He said.
He added that he called his neighbours to help him de-touch the two but their efforts bore no fruits until Leikun’s wife came back.
Ole Mpaa said that Leikun’s wife when she arrived she first went round their house before she went to see the two.
“I think Leikun’s wife had set a trap. How comes she is the one who could de-touch them?” Ole Mpaa questioned.
After the two were at ease, is reported that Leikun was heard saying his wife had a strong medicine while he pleaded for forgiveness.
Leikun’s wife had visited a powerful doctor Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba who had locked her family to install faithfulness.

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