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Kiambu woman returns stolen 14 Million Shillings to Dubai husband

Kiambu woman who stole 14 million shillings from her Dubai based husband returned the money on Saturday after demons compelled her.

Moreen Wanjiku was married to Joseph Mwandia who works as an engineer in one of the leading companies in Dubai.

According to immediate neighbor of Ms. Wanjiku in one of lavish apartments in Lavington, Nairobi, said that Ms. Wanjiku lied to her husband that she wanted money to acquire a piece of land in Syokimau where she would build their home.

The neighbor said that at the time Ms. Wanjiku was receiving money from the moneyed Mwandia, she had already moved on with another man who was the brainchild of minting Mr. Mwandia millions.

He said that, in a span of one year Ms. Wanjiku had accumulated 14 million shillings from Mr. Mwandia whom was not aware that he was being conned.

“Initially Ms. Wanjiku was living in Buru Buru. The transition amazed me because Ms. Wanjiku does not work but she has money to cater for her rent, food and clothing.” The neighbor said.

Mr. Mwandia who was said to have been working in Dubai since 2013, had been investing on Ms. Wanjiku but it unfolded that Ms. Wanjiku was using him.

It was said that Ms. Wanjiku lived in her Lavington home with the new catch but under courtesy on Mr. Mwandia whom they thought they had blindfolded.

Last week Mr. Mwandia landed in Kenya to meet her purported wife Ms. Wanjiku and her family friends.

According to Mr. Mwandia’s brother said that “My brother had informed me that he has built a house in Syokimau and he was coming to see it and meet us,” he said.

But little did Mr. Mwandia know, Ms. Wanjiku had scampered with the 14 million shillings and nowhere was she to be found.

“It has taken us one month trying to find Ms. Wanjiku. Kumbe alikua amepata mume mwingine ambaye walishirikiana kumdanganya na kumuibia my brother.” He said.

He affirmed that they could not let such an amount get lost until they found a witchdoctor who helped them get the money back.

“A friend referred me to Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba who did what he does. Ms. Wanjiku has however returned the money in full.” He said.

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