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Kisii woman forgives husband after busting him stuck with another woman

A Kisii woman has forgiven her husband after she busted him in an illicit sex affair in a Kisii town lodging.
According to eyewitnesses, their screams attracted nearby residents to the lodging to catch a glimpse of the bizarre incident.
Martin, an eyewitness said that while he was strolling in town, he met a crowd of people who were peeping at windows of the said lodging.
He said what prompted him to go and see what was happening was the overwhelming crowd.
“I went there to also see what these people were viewing. I saw two people entangled and they were screaming for help. The two did not enjoy the forbidden fruit.” He said.
Martin said that one of the workers at the lodging said that the two checked in and paid for a room on Saturday morning.
It is reported that after some time the workers were attracted by screams which were coming from the room.
“We heard screams from the room which the two lovebirds had just entered. When we opened the door we found the two stuck,” an attendant at the lodgings said.
When the wife of the man called Kwamboka was informed, she said that she had soughted services of a witchdoctor after she suspected her husband was cheating.
Kwamboka said that her husband had lied to her that he was going to meet a school teacher who was teaching one of their children.
“My suspicion to my husband started when in most occasions has been leaving home and suspiciously he switches off his phone.” She said adding that “That is the reason I went to a witchdoctor who promised to nab my husband.”
She said that she went to the said lodgings and found her husband stuck with a woman.
“I still could not believe it. I was shocked beyond words.” She said
Kwamboka said despite being the witchdoctor was the only one who could separate them, she would wait for him to heal and take care of him.

“He is the father of my three sons. I forgive him because I love him.” Kwamboka said.

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