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Kisumu man caught stuck with his caretaker on matrimonial bed

A Kisumu man was on Saturday caught stuck with his caretaker in a Kisumu town apartment.

The incident is reportedly to have happened in the wee hours of the night when screams emanated from the apartment.

According to one of the tenants, said that it was not the first time the married caretaker slept with her tenants.

“Every weekend this lady sleeps with men who reside here. I wonder what is her business because she is married and she has a family. ” He said.

He said that the caretaker was contributing in cheating of the married men. “Everyone in this apartment is married but most men do not live with their wives because of the caretaker.”

Another resident said that the home wrecker’s days were over after she could not detouch herself from one of her tenant.

He affirmed that the two were caught naked on the matrimonial bed of the tenant after they broke the door to enter.

“We had to brake the door for us to enter. We did not understand what was happening but there were screams from inside.” He said.

He noted that the caretaker’s husband had noticed that her wife was cheating with tenants of her place of work.

“The other day caretaker’s husband came here complaining that he was suspecting his wife was unfaithful.” He said.

It was reported that after the caretaker’s husband resorted to find a doctor who would restore his wife’s behaviour, she was caught red handed in action.

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