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Kitui: Married man caught sleeping with caretaker

Drama unfolded in Kitui town during wee hours of Friday night after a married man was caught in bed with a caretaker of an apartment he lives in.

According to neighbours in the know of the incident, they described the woman as habitual husband snatcher and has been a threat to his tenants.

The neighbours said, the man could sneak to the caretaker’s house during the deep of the night and he could quench his thirst.

“This woman has been sleeping with men here. She does not care whether you are married or not. Herself she is married and has a family.” The neighbor said.

Kitui, Kenya

He pointed out that the caretaker mostly targeted bachelors who had just started off life.

“Every time there is a new tenant in this apartment, this lady will be more concerned to knowing your previous relationship. What does that tell you?” Another neighbour questioned.

The two, who were in the act on Friday met their fate as they could not detouch during a steamy late night romantic session.

Eyewitness said that the the pair was caught naked on the matrimonial bed of the caretaker. They said that they made an entry after they broke the door.

“We broke the door after we heard screams from the caretaker’s room. The two love birds were lying on bed while having an affair.” He said.

Later, a neighbour said that the caretaker’s husband who works in Nairobi had noticed that her wife was cheating with tenants and he set a trap to nab the culprit.

He said that caretaker’s husband sought Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba services who locked his marriage.

The two separated after Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba intervention.