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Makueni: Plumber caught munching his friend’s wife in the kitchen

Residents of Makueni were on Sunday treated to a rare spectacle when a 41-year-old plumber was caught getting intimate with his friends wife at their kitchen.

Josphat Mwania, a father of three had left his home to work to the Kitchen of his friend Titus Munguti but instead he ended up falling on his friend’s wife love nest.

According to eyewitnesses, they said that Mwania had been paid to repair a Kitchen pipe which had broken. They said that it was due to their friendship that Munguti asked Mwania to stay with his wife for a while while he was doing the repair.

“Munguti had already informed us that Mwania will be in his compound where he will be doing repair in his kitchen. He also told us that will be going to the market and he would be back after sometime.” An immediate neighbour said.

They said that they had also known the plumber for more than fifteen years so they thought they could trust him to be left with Munguti’s because he has as well worked in their houses while alone.

One of the neighbours identified as Ann said that what caught her attention was screams from Munguti’s house. She said that it was after Mwania and Munguti’s wife could not move away from each other prompting the two start shouting for help.

“Screams were coming from the kitchen. The kitchen was closed but i broke the door because it was weak.” She said adding that “It was astonishing to find an old man stuck with a minor who has not yet been introduced to such acts.”

Ann pointed out that Munguti could not hold his anger when he was informed. She said Munguti called the neighbours who within no time formed a large crowd to witness what the plumber who they had trusted for a longtime was upto.

The incident which had attracted a lot of discussion from the members of the public turned out that Mwania’s wife had sought Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba services to protect her marriage and nub her husband Mwania whenever he tried to cheat on her.

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