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Migori: Confusion as bees escort chicken thief to police station

A Migori middle aged man caught himself in the hot soup after a swarm of bees escorted him to police station after he stole a chicken.

The man identified as Nafula, is said to have gone to his neighbour’s house early Saturday morning demanding to be paid a debt he was owed.

According to an eyewitness, Nafula was not fully paid as he was given a half amount of the debt and told to collect the balance on the next day.

“I knew Nafula had owed my neighbour but on Sarturday morning he was given some amount.” he said.

He added that when Nafula was leaving from his neighbour, he saw him stealing a chicken while he told me to keep quiet.  

He pointed out that, when he informed his neighbour about Nafula, his neighbour said that Nafula would take himself to police station.

“I was surprised to learn that my neighbour was not concerned when I told him that Nafula had stolen his chicken. He told me that Nafula would be controlled by bees.” he said.

Another eyewitness said that he knew something was wrong when he saw Nafula in the middle of a swarm of bees which stung him while he was headed to the police station.

 Nafula is said to have reported himself to the police for stealing his neighbour’s chicken.

“After he reported himself, the bees flew away,” another eyewitness adding that owner of the chicken, bailed out Nafula and forgave him. 

The owner of the chicken had sought Dr. Ndumba Wa Ndumba services which paralyzes thieves and recover stolen items.

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