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Three weeks to wedding, groom finds bride stuck in bed with best man

A Kisumu based farmer recently tracked his wife in Machakos where she had travelled for a trip only to find her with his best friend, the same man who is said to be the best man in their wedding.

The lady, who is a teacher is said to have told the husband that she had planned to have a trip to Ukambani region with her colleagues whom she works with after the concluded Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations.

According to close sources to the couple, the farmer known as Okumu, has been suspecting his wife of moving a lot yet their wedding was around the corner.

The two had reportedly checked into the lodging. He added that, when Okumu was informed about his wife he said that, “I will nub them onetime.”

According to the lodging manager in Machakos where the two love birds were caught stuck, he said that the two had lied to him that they were married that was the reason he rented them.

“Mimi niliona Mwanaume na mwanamke wameingia na kuniulizia kama wataeza pata malazo. Hakuna vile ningewakataza kwa sababu pia mimi naitaji hela,” the manager said.

He added that what caught her attention was extension of time of his clients who had booked the lodging for a night but in the middle of the night there were screams in the building.

“I thought there was fire. We had to brake the doors only to find the man and the woman stuck. They had told me they were couples.”

Okumu is said to have been on his daily businesses as he was informed that his wife had been found stuck but he is reportedly responded in a way that the incident did not bother him.

“Mtu akijifanya kua mjanja muache. Have told my wife several times to stick to me but now have caught her,” Okumu told the lodging manager on phone.

The two were reportedly detouched by a doctor who Okumu had soughted his services to lock her marriage.

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